Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Disconnect & Reconnect – a year long project by Sue Tebble.

January the 2nd saw Sue Tebble take her first shot of the beautiful sunset at Sea Pauling, we re-posted this photo on our Instagram (see first photo below) and this inspired Sue to get herself a good camera and spend the rest of the year taking sunset shots. She used this project to reconnect with nature and feel more at peace, having suffered with seasonal depression for many years. This year she was determined not to go to the Drs. but to use the beauty of nature to heal instead. Each photo has the date, time of sunset and a brief description of how she was feeling that day and how nature was helping.
One in four of us suffer mental health problems at some point in our lives and Sue hopes this project will go some way to shifting the stigma related to it. She also runs a music group called Mind The Gap which uses music to promote well being.
Sue uses no editing software on her photos and has published them as a calendar to go on sale on October 10th, which is World Mental Health Awareness Day. 
This stunning calendar would make fabulous gifts for all the Norfolkians who love our county, and let's face it that's all of us!

For more details contact Sue on sutebble@gmail.com or 07811155733 



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