Friday, 9 September 2016

Dr. Martens Marble Collection

I was invited to style an item from the Dr. Martens new marble collection, if you haven't already noticed marble is everywhere right now, from fashion to home wares to nails. Marble is so chic and I've recently been to the capitol of chic, Paris, so I wanted to create an outfit that reflected this. Yesterday was a scorcher so I went with a crisp white shirt (never out of fashion as far as I'm concerned) black shorts and white sandals. If you know me you know I'm usually always in black with a hint of white so this was a nice change and I felt a little St.Tropez dahling! Ray Bans finished the look and a gold necklace to accent the rims. I got lots of compliments on the bag throughout the day and it's great quality as you'd expect from DM's, this bag is very versatile and I think we'll become great friends!

Massive thanks to Kerry Curl for the photography and the laughs.



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