A_Dressed: Can Fashion Be Sustainable?
Event Date: Saturday 8 February 2020
Event Location: The Forum, Millennium Plain, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1TF
Ticket Price: Free

Join members of ‘We Wear The Trousers’ for a discussion on the sustainability of fast fashion.

Between 2000 and 2014 global clothing production doubled. The number of garments purchased each year by the average consumer increased by 60%, yet clothing items are now retained for half as long.

Research conducted by the Ellen MacArthur foundation predicts that ‘By 2050, the fashion industry will be responsible for 26% of the carbon budget associated with keeping global warming levels below a 2°C limit, and none of that is even touching upon the human cost of the fashion industry!’

The question is, can fashion ever be sustainable?

Join the expert panellists as they consider these ideas, and then you can make up your own mind!

This panel discussion is run by the non-profit organisation ‘We Wear The Trousers’. They aim to empower people to to keep clothing in active use for longer and reduce the environmental impact of our wardrobes.